Keep Yarn Away from Your Cat

If you grew up watching cat cartoons or shows with pet cats you may have noticed that the cats were playing with yarn or string. They probably loved wrapping their paws all around the yarn or pushing the ball of yarn around. However, this is not the best toy for your cat. Yarn can easily wrap around a kitten or cat’s throat and cause them to choke. If the cat isn’t careful he could also accidentally swallow the yarn or a piece of it. The yarn can cause the cat to choke or it can get caught in the stomach or intestines and make your cat very sick. Surgery is usually the only option for removing the yarn and curing the cat. If you give your cat yarn to play with stick with a ball of yarn and not individual string and always supervise your cat while she’s playing. If your cat swallows yarn, call your Riverbend, ON vet. Or click this website and set an appointment.


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