The Unlimited Colors of the American Curl

If you own or are familiar with the American Curl then you probably know just how unique this cat breed is. From naturally curled ears to a playful kittenish (or childish) personality, there’s a lot to love about this breed. In addition to the uniqueness of the curling ears, the American Curl also comes in a variety of coat color combinations and coat lengths. The breed originated in 1981 when a long-haired cat with curled ears was bred with a non-pedigreed domestic cat. The American Curl soon evolved. Colors and patterns for this breed are practically limitless. They come in short hair, long hair, solid colors, color combinations, and different patterns. On top of this, the breed is fairly healthy, low maintenance for grooming, and has a personality that adapts with any age and other pets. Your vet services Riverbend, ON team can also tell you this breed makes for excellent companions.


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