Molting Tips For Pet Birds

During molting, birds will need extra energy and nutrients to help them through this stressful period. In order to ensure that molting birds receive proper nutrition, there is a need to make certain changes in their diet. To meet their high energy requirement, their food intake is increased by 25%. This can be met by adding more cereals, vegetables, and fresh fruits to their daily diet. To increase their protein intake, insects or boiled egg yolks can be also be given. There are also special food formulated for molting birds but you have to ask your veterinarian about it before giving one to your pet. During molting, birds also need extra warmth especially when environmental conditions are chilly or freezing cold. As their old feathers are shed off, they are extremely defenseless to even the slightest draft. Creating artificial darkness 8-12 hours a day during molting can also give your pet bird enough time to rest so his body can recuperate within a short span of time. Your Cameron Park, CA veterinarian is also an important source of information if you have questions and/or concerns about molting. 


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