Ways to Keep Your Dog Warm in the Winter

There’s a few things you can do when the winter months approach to help keep your dog warm. First, if your dog lives outdoors, consider bringing him indoors for the colder months. Either move his bed into a porch or garage or into the house completely. Set aside a corner area or room for your pup that is warm but not close to a heater. If your dog stays outdoor look into an insulated dog house and add lots of blankets for extra warmth. When temperatures are too cold you can bring your dog in just for the night. Just remember if it’s too cold for you to be outside then it’s too cold for your dog. During the day when you take your dog for a walk make sure to have him wear a coat if his fur is thin (i.e. a Chihuahua, Beagle, Labrador, etc.). For more tips, talk with our vets Castle Hills, TX.


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