Use Pesticides With Extreme Caution Around Pets

Animals differ significantly in how their bodies process and metabolize chemicals in pesticides. Thus, there are some products that can be used in dogs but not in cats. Suffice to say, any type of pesticide should be used with extreme caution in and around pets. But before anything else, be sure to know if the product is safe for pets by reading the product label carefully. You can also ask your veterinarian for a pesticide product that can be safely used when pets are around. Some pesticides contain bone meal, making it more tempting to pets; be sure to avoid using these products. Pesticides with organophospates and/or carbamates can be extremely toxic to pets. Even if there are pesticides that are labeled to be environmentally-safe, pet owners should still exercise extreme caution because these products are not guaranteed to be 100% safe for use in and around pets. 

Call your Lafayette, LA vet clinic if you think your pet has been exposed to pesticides even if no toxicity symptoms have been manifested.


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