Why Your Sugar Glider Needs a Vet

Sugar gliders need to have a vet just like dogs, cats, and other exotic small animals. Having a vet set up can help save time when your sugar glider is sick. You won’t have to worry about calling around for an available vet, you’ll already have one for your little sugar glider. A veterinarian is also important because he or she can help you identify any illnesses or injures your sugar glider may have once you adopt or purchase him. In addition to a first time look over, your vet can also help you decide what to feed your sugar glider, how much to feed and how often to feed. Having a sugar glider is a big responsibility. You don’t have to do it alone. Your Michigan City, IN vet is always here to help. Call and set up a first time visit or annual wellness exam for your sugar glider today.


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