When to Report Possible Dog Abuse

As pet owners you probably take much more notice of dogs, cats and other pets around you than most people. If you see a dog that looks like he may be in trouble or suffering from lack of care or poor nourishment you may be wondering if you should take action. It can feel like interfering especially if you misread a situation, but it’s best in the long run to check it out. If you suspect animal abuse, don’t approach the owner accusingly. You should probably not approach the owner at all unless you know the owner. Instead, report it to the local humane society or animal control and let them do a checkup on the animal. If you know the owner, casually ask if the dog has been unwell. You may find the dog is sick which could explain his condition. If you still are unsure, report it to animal control or even your animal hospital Bolingbrook, IL.


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