How to Dress your Dog for a Walk in the Snow

If you are planning to take your dog for a walk in the snow make sure you are both dressed for the water and for the snow you’ll be walking in. If there’s a lot of soft snow on the ground then your pup will most likely be fine without any type of paw protective shoes. If the temperature is cold you may want to put a coat on your dog. For instance, a Yorkie or Chihuahua may need a coat because there coat’s tend to be short and thin. A Golden, Husky, and even Pomeranians won’t really need a coat because they have enough fur already. Pomeranians, for instance, have two coats to protect against the elements. You should dress in bright clothes and have your dog wear reflective gear on his harness and leash so that you don’t blend in with the snow and are visible to others. For more tips, talk with your vet Hyattsville, MD.


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