Things to Ask Your Vet at Your Dog’s Checkup

When you take your dog in for a yearly checkup or even an unplanned checkup, there are a few basic questions that you should ask. First, if it’s an unplanned checkup for an illness, make sure you ask your vet questions related to how your dog is currently feeling. Let your vet know all symptoms even if you think they’re not anything to worry about or they’re normal. At annual checkups ask your vet if your dog’s weight is right on, over or under. Ask your vet if the food you’re feeding your dog and the amount is good for your pup. Make sure your dog is drinking the right amount of water. Ask your vet about any peculiar habits your dog has started. This is your time with the vet Las Vegas, NV so make the most of it. It will help with your dog’s overall health and wellbeing and your peace of mind.


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