Managing a Cat that Stays Up Throughout the Night

Your cat is crepuscular, which means that she is most active during the dawn and dusk hours. Thus she may stay up throughout the night and ruin your sleep. Never attempt to keep your cat awake all day long in the hopes that she will sleep at night. This causes stress and she could lash out. Ensure your cat gets lots of exercise while she is awake. With exercise she’ll experience normal fatigue that could get you a bit more uninterrupted sleep. An automatic feeder set up for an early morning feeding could prevent your cat from waking you for food. Leave fun toys outside your bedroom overnight so she can play quietly. Ignore her if she jumps on you or meows at you while you are sleeping or you may reinforce this undesired behavior. Be patient as your cat learns to occupy herself or sleep while you sleep. Learn more from your Cedar Park, TX veterinary clinic.


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