Housing Needs of Pet Ferrets

Housing for pets should be a haven of security and comfort. It is no different in pet ferrets; they are den animals and re-creating a den-like effect in their enclosure can keep them at ease and encourage them to engage in natural behaviors. They thrive having lots of space for climbing, perching, and playing. A wire cage makes an ideal enclosure for pet ferrets because there is proper ventilation. It can also help keep them secured because they are such accomplished escape artists. The wire cage must have a secure latch. The space between the wires should not exceed one inch to prevent ferrets from squeezing through the walls of the cage. Fish tanks make poor ferret enclosures; the enclosed space makes for poor ventilation. To protect the ferret’s sensitive paws, the floor of the cage must be covered with carpet textile that is washable or linoleum tiles. 

You can ask your veterinarian Marietta, GA for help in addressing your pet’s housing needs. 


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