Does My Dog Need Titer Testing Before Vaccination?

Many veterinarians are now performing titer tests before vaccinating dogs. The procedure establishes the level of antibodies against a certain disease. The results show the level of protection that a dog possesses at that particular time of testing. Titer tests are also recommended so it can be known what particular illness in which a dog does not have adequate protection and needs to be vaccinated for. The procedure involves examining a dog’s blood sample for specific antibodies. If there are adequate levels of circulating antibodies, the veterinarian may not recommend vaccination during that time. This is one way to avoid indiscriminate vaccination because vaccination for that certain disease can be put off until the dog’s antibodies are not enough to afford protection. Then that is the time that a shot may be given to boost the immune systems production of specific antibodies. 

You should talk to your veterinarian Pickerington, OH if you have any questions and/or concerns about the procedure or about vaccines and vaccination. 


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