Why Your Dog Likes To Lick You

Licking comes naturally for many dogs. Unfortunately, may people think it’s unhygienic and a possible way of disease transmission. But there are many pet owners who assume it’s a way dogs show their affection to their humans. Experts have various reasons to explain why dogs lick people. Sometimes, it can be a behavior they have inherited from their ancestors. A common example is if a dog likes to lick a person in the mouth to ask for food. In the wild, food is brought back to the den by the mother dog so her litter can eat. Another possible explanation is that wild dogs often eat prey when they are out hunting and regurgitate it once they are back at their den so the young can eat. So when your pooch licks you near the mouth, he may be asking you to “throw up something” because they are hungry! Licking may also be a dog’s way of showing dominance over another dog or person. 

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