Potential Hazards For Pets During Winter

Each season of the year present multiple hazards and risks to pets. Knowing what these are can help pet owners undertake measures to protect their pets from unfortunate incidents. Winter ushers in several celebrations including the Christmas holidays and the New Year festivities. With subzero temperatures, pets tend to stay indoors to keep warm and comfortable but it is where holiday decorations abound and holiday foods are within easy reach. Parties bring with them lots of people, many of which are unfamiliar faces, creating a stressful event for pets.

When decorating your home, always remember to exercise caution and safety. Ornaments should be placed high enough, so it will be out of your pet’s reach. The fireplace must not be accessible and any electrical cords should not be left loose or hanging around. 

Many foods that are prepared during the holidays are filled with condiments, seasonings, and fat which can cause digestive disturbances and even serious illnesses. There are also foods like some types of nuts, chocolate, raisins, and alcohol that can be toxic to pets when consumed. 

Your vets Teller County, CO can also offer valuable tips to help keep your pet safe during the holidays.


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