Cat fight wounds

When cats fight, they use their teeth to puncture the other cat’s skin. Within hours, the holes of the puncture wound seals up trapping the bacteria introduced by the cat’s teeth under the skin. The punctured holes made the cat’s teeth are almost non-existent within 24 hours. The bacteria that are trapped under the skin of the cat will eventually multiply within a span of several days before there are any tell-tale signs of infection. There may be swelling and pain at the site of the bite when there is already an infection. The cat may also have a fever. An abscess may form when there is loose skin around the bite wound. It is a pocket filled with pus. But when there is not much of loose skin near the puncture wound, the infection can spread to the adjacent tissues causing cellulitis, an infection characterized swelling and pain. 

If your cat has been in a cat fight, you should check his body immediately for any signs of wounds and have it checked out by your veterinarian Glen Ellyn, IL ASAP. 


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