Chihuahua Care Tips

Chihuahuas can easily develop diva-like personalities that is why they should undergo early socialization and obedience training as early as possible. They will also need a consistent and dominant alpha leader who can keep them on a tight rein. Without proper socialization, a chihuahua can become nervous and defensive around unfamiliar people and pets. They may also try to find ways to show dominance over their owner. These attitudes may be attributed to the fact that they are smart little critters. They can be stubborn but with proper training and consistency, chihuahuas can become obedient and well-behaved and pets. They should also get used to regular interaction and handling so they won’t be wary and aloof even with the human members of the pack. A long-coated chihuahua will require frequent hair brushing than their smooth-coated relatives. Their nails will also need regular trimming to prevent overgrowth and ingrown. 

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