Changing Your Cat's Food Intake in the Winter

If your cat’s exercise routine changes in the winter time then you should make the appropriate adjustments to your cat’s food intake as well. For instance, if your cat starts to slow down because it’s colder outside and she wants to lay around inside in the warmth, then make sure you cut down her food servings. You definitely don’t want to feed your cat the same amount of food she gets when she’s outdoors prowling all day. Likewise, if your cat is a mouse hunter and tends to catch less mice in the winter then she may need additional food in her diet to compensate what she’s not feeding on in mice. You will have to take your individual cat’s routine and eating patterns into mind when planning food intake. Some cats area more active in the winter and may need a food increase. Watch your cat’s weight and talk with your Aurora, CO veterinary clinic for assistance. Read more here.


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