Taking Your Dog Out in the Cold Weather

When the weather is cold outdoors you may need to stop and re-plan your dog’s outside exercise activities and exercise time. Talk with your vet to find out what’s best for your pup. If you have a puppy, let him out a few times a day in the cold, but keep the time limited as the puppy is not used to cold temperatures. Older dogs that have been through winters before will know how to handle the cold. Still, your Chihuahua may not want to be outdoors in the cold quite as long as say your Husky. Take into account he breed of canine you have when thinking of outdoor time in the cold. For all dogs, if the weather is too cold for you to be outdoors then it’s probably too cold for your dogs. Use common sense. Stay out for small segments of time and take more frequent walks. For more tips, call your Aurora, CO veterinarian. Or click this link:


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