Are Your Dog's Dietary Needs Met Adequately?

There are dog owners who choose to give their dogs a homemade diet. If you have adequate time and the knowledge to make your own dog ration then you are able to choose the best ingredients which are nutritious and safe for your pet. 

Some dog owners choose to give human food to their pets. Do you know that what may be nutritious for us may not be recommended for dogs? We don’t have the same nutritional needs with our pets, and feeding them human food can pave the way for important nutritional deficiencies to set in. 

Oftentimes, many dog owners blindly follow their vet’s recommendation on the type of dog food that their dog should have. Doing so might jeopardize their pet’s nutrition and may give rise to irreversible problems as a consequence of poor nutrition. 

Your best veterinarians Fort Bragg, NC can offer valuable tips on how to meet your pet’s dietary needs.


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