How to Give Your Cat a Bath in the Winter

Most cats don’t like getting wet whether it’s summer or winter out. If your cat is need of a bath and it’s too cold to hose her off outside then you may need to give her a bath in your tub or shower. If your cat has a bad reaction to this suggestion (i.e. she jumps out of the tub and hides for over an hour under the bed) then you may want to try pet bath wipes instead. You can use the bath wipes to simply wipe over your cat’s fur to remove mud and other buildup. If this isn’t strong enough, consider using a waterless shampoo. This can be applied to the coat like a regular shampoo simply work it into the fur until it completely dissolves or disappears. Talk with your Sugar Land, TX vet to find the best option of waterless shampoo for your cat. Learn more here.


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