Do Ferrets Need Coats of Blankets in the Winter?

Do you own a pet ferret? Have you ever wondered if you’re little furry friend needs a coat or a blanket in the winter time? If you’re going to take your ferret outdoors in the cold, make sure you protect him from the elements. Healthy ferrets will grow a thicker coat during the colder months to protect them from the changing temperatures. Ferrets actually prefer cooler temperatures so they will enjoy some time outdoors on the colder days. Some owners have found their ferrets even like to play in the snow. Just be mindful of your ferret and don’t let him play in deep snow or stay out for more than a few minutes. Even though he likes the cold, your vet can tell you that too much exposure to the cold can harm your ferret’s health. Monitor your ferret’s outdoor time. For more tips and suggestions, call your vet Sugar Land, TX.


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