Training Your Dog to Shake Hands with You

Some training commands are just for fun. However, tricks such as shaking hands are fun but can also develop trust and fellowship with your dog. Your dog needs to reliably obey the SIT command since shaking hands starts from this position. Once your dog is seated, show your dog a treat in your hand. Then close your hand around the treat. Hold your hand with the treat inside close to your dog’s paw. Say your dog’s name followed by the SHAKE command. Give him the treat and lots of praise if he moves or lifts that paw at all. Practice this often but over time insist your dog lifts his paw higher and higher before giving him the treat. Then move on to take the lifted paw into your hand and shake it. Then give him the treat. Gradually reduce and then eliminate the treats so your dog does shakes your hand for the command and praise alone. Learn more from your veterinary clinic Conyers, GA.


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