Do Hamsters Sneeze?

Have you heard little sneezing noises coming from your hamster’s cage? A sneeze every now and then is nothing to be concerned about. However, a constant sneeze could mean your hamster has some medical issues going on. If you hear a lot of sneezing from your hamster, call your vet to schedule a checkup. Sneezing is common, but too much sneezing is a warning sign. Your vet can tell you that excessive sneezing in hamsters can be due to allergies, environment (i.e. too cold or too hot), or possible infection. In addition to sneezing, check your hamster for watery eyes, runny nose and food and water intake. Coughing may also occur. Make sure you track these symptoms and tell you vet about each of them. Your vet will need to examine your hamster to make a diagnoses and prescribe treatment for your hamster. Always report new symptoms to your Savannah, GA vet


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