Dealing with your Cat’s Ear Mites

Ear mites are highly contagious. They can be passed from animal to animal both inside and outside your home. If you notice your cat scratching her ears or shaking her head, she may have mites since they are itchy. Look inside your cat’s ears for debris that looks like coffee grinds. This debris is probably ear mites. You may also notice that the wax in your cat’s ears is dark or the ears may be red and exhibit a strong odor. The blood vessels in your cat’s ears could rupture from too much scratching or head shaking. It is fairly easy to treat an ear mite infection, but you must seek medical attention. Clean your cat’s ears thoroughly with a cat-safe ear rinse. Use antibiotic drops or other prescribed medications in the ear canal until treatment is complete. Check all the other animals in your home for any signs of ear mites. Learn more from your Sayville, NY veterinary clinic.


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