Malocclusion In Dogs

Malocclusion in dogs occur when the fitting of the teeth is not considered to be a normal ‘bite’. Ideally, the lower canine teeth should be in front of the upper canine teeth when the dog closes his mouth. This also means that there is overlapping of the upper incisors over the lower incisors, and the upper carnassial teeth overlapping the lower carnassial teeth. Having a normal bite is very important in preventing problems with eating and engaging in natural behaviors. A dog’s bite is just one of the traits that dogs are evaluated for during shows. 

In certain breeds of dogs, an abnormal bite may be considered ‘normal’ because of the distinct shape of their mouth and jaws. This is often the case in pugs, bulldogs, and other brachycephalic breeds. These dogs have longer lower upper jaws compared to their upper jaws. Your veterinarians Marion, IA may consider orthodontic correction to prevent mouth damage. 


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