Senior Cats Should Have Easy Access To The Litter Tray

Litter trays or litter boxes should be easily accessible to senior cats. With joint problems and poor flexibility, it is often painful to jump over one with high walls. It is also a good idea to have several litter boxes around the house so your aging furball won’t have to go far to attend to the call of nature. Potty accidents are very common in cats because of several important reasons. There are those that are unable to control their bladder and bowel movements as an age-related condition; but there are also those that have issues with the litter box, such as high walls, new litter, location, or the design of the box. Even with their deteriorating sense of smell, many are able to determine if the litter box is properly cleaned and well-maintained. Cats hate a dirty and foul-smelling litter box and will find somewhere else to do their business in. Your senior cat will benefit from having more visits to your pet clinic Ellicott City, MD for regular health checks and monitoring.


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