Benefits of Brushing Your Cat

Many pet parents skip out on brushing their cat. After all, felines groom themselves! Although some cats can get away without having their hair brushed, it does come with many benefits.

When the temperatures drop, static can rear its ugly head. Brushing your cat can help reduce static, if it’s a problem in your household. Brushing pulls the natural oils from your pet’s skin to the surface, coating his hair, and eliminating static.

Does your cat have dandruff? Brushing him might be the answer! Redistributing the oils on your cat’s fur can let his skin breathe, reducing dandruff.

One of the best reasons to brush your cat regularly is to cut back on the dead hair in your home! If you need help brushing your cat, call your vet clinic Tampa, FL. They can recommend a groomer in your area who can help.


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