Spray Marking In Cats

Did you know that stress can also trigger spray marking in cats? In general, cats instinctively engage in the behavior to mark territory and leave their mark. If your cat has suddenly been engaging in a spray marking spree, it’s time for some detective work to find out what is causing him to behave that way. Some potential reasons include:

Issues with the litter box

With their intense fussiness, cats can have several issues with their litter boxes causing them to go to another place to do their business. Keeping a well-maintained litter box is very important because cats won’t use a dirty and foul-smelling one. In multi-cat households, the number of litter boxes should be equal to the total number of cats plus one. 


Cats that are exposed to certain stressors in their environment may engage in spray marking because experts believe that the behavior can help lower a cat’s stress levels. 

Talk to your Isle of Palms, SC veterinarian if you have any questions and/or concerns about your pet’s health and/or behavior. Learn more here.


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