Watery Eyes in Dogs

Watery eyes in dogs can be common for a numerous amount of reasons. Some dogs will have watery eyes due to allergies. Some dogs may have watery eyes because their eyes are trying to naturally flush out debris from the environment. Watery eyes can often be one of the first signs of your dog developing a cold. Keep the eyes patted dry and remove any buildup around the eyes. If it builds up for too long it could harden causing an uncomfortable crustiness around the eyes. Another reason for watery eyes is injury while playing with other dogs. If you don’t see any kind of injury or debris in the eye, call your vet for additional directions. Your Hyattsville, MD vet can tell you that watery eyes can also be a sign of tear ducts not draining properly or even being blocked. Consult with your vet Hyattsville, MD the course of treatment. 


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