Tips To Keep Your Dog Safe On The Road

Many incidents of dogs being hit by objects have been reported because their owners allowed them to sit in the window seat with the windows rolled down and their heads sticking out. While people are required by law to wear seat belts, dogs traveling with their owners should be placed in a crate or fitted with a canine seat belt. 

Dog owners should also be aware of important precautionary measures when walking their dogs. A stroll along the neighborhood may bring about pleasant and not so pleasant surprises thus while walking your dog you should be prepared for situations where aggression and curiosity may be exhibited. Spotting other animals may trigger your dog’s protective instincts, thus you should be able to control your dog with a firm hand.

Before taking your dog on outdoor excursions whether on foot or in car rides, it is a good idea to call your animal hospital Fayetteville, NC to make sure that your pet has finished all his vaccines and is safe to meet other dogs.


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