Don’t Let Your Rabbit Eat Chips

It’s fun to share our favorite snacks with our favorite friends including our four legged furry friends, but sometimes our people snacks are not the best option for animals. If you own a pet like a rabbit, there are certain snacks that your rabbit should have and a bunch that he should stay away from. Your vet can tell you that rabbits enjoy munching on carrots, cabbage, hay and other leafy greens and some fruits as a snack. What you shouldn’t feed your rabbit is foods high in fat and sugar because their little bodies aren’t made to digest it and handle it properly. For instance, potato chips are full of carbohydrates. Your rabbit may accidentally get a hold of a crumb, but don’t let him have any more. His digestive system can’t handle it. Offer him a carrot instead. If he does get into a lot of chips, call your Temecula, CA vet for assistance.


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