Treating Degenerative Myelopathy Early in Dogs

It’s important to understand there is no treatment for Degenerative Myelopathy or DM in canines. This is a seriously aggressive disease that affects the nerves and spinal cord and can eventually lead to loss of mobility, numbness and paralysis in the legs or more specifically the backend of dogs. It is common in large breeds like the German Shepherd or Standard Poodle, but has also been seen in smaller breeds like the Corgi. Treatment can include exercise, diet changes, and medications that can slow down the progression of the disease. Some owners have found giving their DM prone dogs join supplements early on and starting with physical therapy early on can stall symptoms from fully developing right away. This does not mean your dog will not develop DM or its symptoms, but it can help prolong your dog’s quality of life. Consult with your Frisco, TX vet to learn more about treating DM. Or click this website.


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