The LaPerm is actually a breed of domesticated cat. The name for the cat comes from its wavy fur coat that appears to have ripples running through it. The waves and ripples are often tight enough to look like the cat’s fur has actually been given a perm; hence, the name LaPerm. The cat came about as the result of a gene mutation in the 1980s. The first wavy or ripple coated cat belonged to a litter of six kittens. Unlike the other normal looking cats, the LaPerm was all bald. No waves in sight at least not at the beginning. The bald cat eventually began to grow in a soft, wavy coat. The mutation appeared to be dominant in both parents. Today the LaPerm can come in just about every known color pattern. The cat is known for its perm like coat as well as its playful personality. For more details, talk with your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX.


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