Keeping Snow and Ice Off Of Your Cat’s Paws

If your cat is always limping back to the house with snow balls or ice balls stuck to his feet then you may want to talk to your vet about applying a medicated foot balm to your cat’s paws before and after she goes outdoors. The winter can be harsh on the paw pads of pets including cats. A vet approved balm or vet approved use of Vaseline or even a cooking spray on the cat’s paws can prevent snow and ice buildup. It can also help prevent ice melt and salt or sand from building up on the paws as well. Just be sure you wash the paws when your cat comes indoors to prevent her from licking the balm of other materials off herself. If your cat’s paws are cracked from the dry temperatures, ask your Marietta, GA vet about applying Vaseline to treat and heal the cracked, dry paws.


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