Why You Should Keep Your Dog Off OF Treated Sidewalks

During the winter months you should be careful and pay attention to the areas where you walk your dog especially during or after snow storms when the ground can be icy and slippery. Many places will treat the roads and walkways with ice melt to prevent slipping. This can make walking easier for you, but your dog should avoid walking on these treated areas. Why? Unless you can make sure the ice melt product used is animals safe, the chemicals in the ice melt could harm your pup. For instance, some chemicals treating the sidewalk can actually burn your dog’s paw pads and feet. If the ice melt is stuck on the feet the dog may end up licking it off after the walk, which can also be dangerous. Find a safe place to walk your pup away from treated surfaces. Talk to your Marietta, GA veterinarian to learn more.


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