Keeping your Cat's Outside Water from Freezing

If you have an outdoor cat that likes to stay out no matter what kind of weather, make sure you have plenty of water available for him as well as a shelter that is dry and protected from the wind. If it’s below freezing you may have trouble keeping your cat’s outside water from freezing. Try using a small animal water trough that comes with a heater inside it. Simply plug it in to keep the water from freezing. Heated water buckets for horses also work. Keep the bucket on the ground and filled to the top so your cat can reach it. Plug the bucket in to keep the water from freezing. Portable heaters are also available to place in a bucket, but do not place them in a shallow dish. You should also fill the buckets with cool water as hot water freezes faster. For more ideas and safety tips, give your veterinarian Dunn, NC a call.


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