What You Need to Know about Dog Blankets

The best place to by outdoor coats for dogs is at local food and grain stores or outdoor sporting good stores. When you look for a blanket, make sure you find ones that will help protect against the wind, cold, rain and snow. The key things to look for on the blanket or coat tags is the weight and fill of the coat. The weight and fill tells you how much warmth the coat can provide. A typical fill is around 150 or 225 g (grams). If you buy a fill of 0g the coat will not do anything but act like a sheet over the dog’s coat. If your dog has a full coat, by a light fill (i.e. Huskies). If your dog has no coat or a short coat (i.e. a Chihuahua) by a heavier fill. Talk with your vet Dunn, NC for more information.


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