The American Wirehair – What You Need to Know

Like the name suggestions, the American Wirehair cat is a cat with a wiry and somewhat rough or coarse coat. In fact, the cat is often referred to as a Brillo pad as its fur closely resembles the Brillo pad. The coat is very similar to that of the terrier canine. The wire like hair is a naturally occurring genetic mutation in the breed. The wirehair was first discovered amongst a littler of American Shorthair kittens. Both parents were shorthair but the litter consisted of shorthair kittens and one wire hair kitten. Although the kitten is often confused with the Cornish cat or Devon Rex cat, experts have concluded there is no relation. The uniquely coated cat is famous in the show ring and popular among breeders although he is often hard to find. Your Coon Rapids, MN vet can give you more details about this unique breed.


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