Tips To Help Ease Your Allergy Symptoms In Cats

Suffering from frequent bouts of allergies can have a negative effect on a cat’s quality of life. The management of allergy symptoms will depend to a large extent on identifying the specific allergen. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Identifying the allergen is important so it can be removed immediately from the hypersensitive animal’s immediate environment. However, if removal is not possible, measures should be undertaken to limit or reduce the cat’s exposure to it. 

If your cat is allergic to flea bites, it is recommended that you work with a veterinarian in making a preventive program that will protect against fleas not only during the flea season but throughout the year. If it’s allergies to the kitty litter, then switch to a dust-free one. If it’s pollen, mold, or dust, relieve the itching using a mild shampoo and an anti-allergy medication to ease the symptoms.  If your cat is hypersensitive to specific components in his diet, your Bee Cave, TX veterinarian may recommend a special diet, one that does not contain the offending allergen. 


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