Why Cats Should Have A Meat-Based Diet

Cats have a special need for taurine in their diet because their body is unable to synthesize this important amino acid that is found in great quantities in meat. Being true carnivores, cats thrive in a meat-based diet to ensure that their needs for specific nutrients can be met adequately on a daily basis. 

Cats can be pretty weird when it comes to their eating habits and their digestive physiology. Did you know that their taste buds can tell if something is sweet-tasting? A cat’s body also has the ability to self-regulate their intake of protein, fats and carbohydrate which experts believe to be an instinct for self-preservation. Cats can be “neophobic” which means they tend to turn up their noses when a new type of food is given, or they might eat just tidbits of the new pet food during the first few days, thus gradual switching of pet food cannot be overemphasized. Cats can also get tired of eating the same food for a considerable length of time and may go off-food. For more information about your cat's dietary needs visit your Rochester, NY veterinarian. Or click this site:


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