Facts about the Akita

Did you know there are actually two types of Akita dogs? One is the Japanese Akita or Akita Inu the original of the Akita breeds. The other is the American Akita. The Akita has a build that gives him easy movement over snowy terrain. His legs in particular are long and muscular. The breed is by nature protective of his territory and family. The Akita makes an excellent guard dog. He can also do well as a family dog but needs consistent training and socialization. Without this, the Akita has been known to be on the aggressive side. Insurance companies have categorized the Akita as high risk. However, experts have suggested that professional training and follow up can help eliminate these characteristics. Some owners have described their well trained Akita as loyal, loving and great companions. Talk with your Portage, MI vet to learn more about this breed.


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