Can Cats Be Trained To Walk On A Leash?

Cats can successfully be leash-trained although it’s rare to see cats on leash-walks. But outdoor excursions are excellent opportunities for physical and mental stimulation especially for indoor-only cats. Leash walks are also a better and safer way for cats to enjoy the great outdoors. They get to bask in the fresh air and sunshine, experience new things, and smell new scents. This is also a great way to exercise. 

However, leash training and leash walking are not for all cats. Some won’t enjoy being restricted by a leash when venturing outdoors. The more outgoing cats tend to take to leash training without any problems as they can easily accept anything new and unfamiliar if proper introductions are made. 

Before taking your cat on leash walks, make sure to talk with your veterinarian Rochester, NY if your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date.


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