Play Aggression In Cats

Cats that are under a significant level of stress are prone to displays of aggressive behavior. In order to eliminate the behavior, there is a need to identify the possible trigger factor first. However, there is one form of aggression that is often displayed by cats as a result of their owners’ unintentional reinforcement. Letting your furball play with your hands or fingers encourages play aggression. Allowing your furball to bite, nip, or swipe at your hand, fingers or feet can send the wrong message-- that it is perfectly alright to engage in the habit. Cats do love to swipe, nip, or bite at something that catches their fancy. It is a natural feline instinct. The best way to ‘feed’ the instinct is to let your kitty play with fishing pole toys. Letting your cat swipe at the toy at the end of the string prevents your fingers from getting injured. 

Consult your veterinarian Rochester, NY if you have any concerns about your pet’s behavior. 


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