Why Dogs Eat Trash And Other Types Of Decaying Organic Matter

Dogs can have such indiscriminating tastes and unfortunately, many pet owners are grossed out by this undesirable trait. Dogs seem to find decaying organic matter, poop, carcass, etc. appealing. Unfortunately, many experts are unable to provide an explanation why dogs find certain things appealing. It may be because the strange smells piqued their curiosity or they may simply be bored. 

If your dog loves rummaging through the garbage bins, it’s time to place them out of your dog’s reach. Proper waste disposal is very important to prevent the behavior and problems like digestive upsets or even poisoning. It would also be easier to restrict your dog’s movements by placing him in a crate especially when you are not around to keep a close eye on him. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your animal hospital Happy Valley, OR to help address your pet’s behavior. 


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