Important Reasons For Potty Problems In Cats

Potty problems are just one of the many issues that cat parents should be ready to deal with at one time or another. While sudden inappropriate elimination can be an important symptom of a health problem or behavior issue, it can also be traced back to issues that a cat has with the litter box. Cats can be fussy when it comes to their litter box. If they don’t like the size, location, design, type of litter used, or if the litter box is poorly maintained, they won’t hesitate to eliminate somewhere else. In multi-cat households, there should be enough litter boxes for all; as a rule of thumb, the total number of litter boxes should be the number of cats plus one. Medical issues in which inappropriate elimination may be manifested include urinary tract infections, as well as arthritis and other joint problems.

There is a need to rule out any health issue first before other potential causes are addressed. Thus a visit to your veterinarian London, ON should be made sooner rather than later. 


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