Why Do Sugar Gliders Have A Pouch?

Sugar gliders are marsupials thus females possess a marsupium or pouch that serves to carry and protect their joeys. It is located on the animal’s belly right where the belly button is and has a circular entry that opens by expanding. It is the comfort and secure confines of the pouch where a joey derives nourishment and develop. But it is not where they are born. A joey instinctively crawls into its mother’s pouch after birth. Inside the pouch are 4 teats where the developing young derives nourishment for about 8 weeks. When they are ready, they start venturing outside the pouch to investigate and return inside to nurse. A very amazing fact about a female sugar glider’s mammary glands is that these can support 4 distinct lifestages at the same time, making it possible for them to nourish joeys of different ages. 

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