Food Allergies In Dogs

Some dogs are hypersensitive to an ingredient/s in their diet. Consuming food that contains any potential allergen can trigger bouts of intense itching, ear infections, and/or digestive upsets in allergic dogs. Food allergies tend to be more common in Cocker spaniels, dalmatians, dachshund, boxer, and German shepherd to name a few. Potential allergens that are in pet food products include fish, beef, wheat, dairy products, and rabbit meat. The level of the reaction may differ between hypersensitive dogs but the general symptoms that may be displayed included persistent scratching, licking, and chewing at certain areas of the body, development of hotspots, ear infections, patchy areas of baldness, and digestive upsets. Secondary bacterial infection can occur when there is a break in the skin due to excessive scratching. Knowing what your pet is allergic is one important way to prevent allergy flareups. Your veterinary clinic Pickerington, OH may perform an ‘elimination test’ to determine what specific ingredient your pet is allergic to. 


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