Feeding Pet Iguanas

In order to meet the dietary needs of pet iguanas, owners must first understand the nature of their pet’s diet and digestive system. Iguanas are herbivores; they belong to a special group of herbivores called ‘folivores’ because they eat mostly the leaves and some types of flowers or fruits. When it comes to the physiology of their digestive system, iguanas are hindgut fermenters, so-called because digestion of their fiber-rich food is facilitated by the beneficial microorganisms present in their gut. Food needs to undergo fermentation before in the gut before it can be absorbed and utilized by the body cells and tissues. Since there are no commercially available feed products that are specially formulated for iguanas, experts recommend that components of the diet of pet iguanas is 90-95% plant-based sources (80-90% dark green leafy veggies, and 10-20% fruits) and 5-10% reptile pellets or canned reptile food. Iceberg or head lettuce is not recommended for pet iguanas because of their high fiber and water content. 

You can also talk to your veterinarian Tipp City, OH about your pet’s dietary needs. 


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