Why Cats Need Vertical Spaces And ‘Legal’ Scratching Surfaces

Vertical spaces and ‘legal’ scratching surfaces are just some ways to encourage pet cats to engage in natural behaviors. Their predator instincts are still quite strong even if they have been domesticated for a long time. Vertical spaces feed their need to climb and perch on a spot where they can keep an eye on their surroundings. You can clear a space in the bookshelves, on top of the fridge, a perch by the window, etc. You can also invest in cat trees, a kitty perch or a kitty condo because these are designed with plenty of vertical spaces for pet cats. 

Scratching comes naturally for cats. So if you don’t like your carpet or furniture destroyed, you should install ‘legal’ scratching surfaces where your furball can run his sharp claws. If you have a new scratching post, try rubbing some catnip on it to entice the cat to come closer and investigate the new post. 

Bring your pet to your veterinary clinic Teller County, CO for regular checkups and dental visits. 


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