Nipping And Biting In Puppies -- Is It Play or Aggressive Behavior?

Nipping and biting are common behaviors in puppies. However, you should learn to distinguish whether it is play behavior or aggression. This can help prevent unfortunate incidents. A puppy that is in a playful mood assumes a typical friendly posture with his front body and head lowered to the ground or floor with a raised rear end. His tail may also be wagging endlessly as he approaches with high-pitched yips and yaps. The puppy might dash back and forth merrily as you give in to his attention-seeking moves. 

However, when a puppy growls threateningly with his ears laid back to his head and tail in between the rear legs, you should avoid bothering him or approaching him. Aggressive displays may be triggered when a dog is nervous, afraid, confused, or exposed to an unpleasant stimulus. Aggressive behavior tends to be displayed in response to specific situations.

Your Glendale, AZ vet is a valuable source of information when it comes to understanding your pet’s behavior. 


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